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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
ST25RU3993-QF_DK_R RADON STMicroelectronics BOARD DEMO RADON AS3993 Lead Free compliant
ST25RU3993-QF_DK_ST NEWT STMicroelectronics BOARD DEMO NEWTON AS3993 Contains Lead non-compliant
AS3911-DK-ST ams DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM AS3911 Lead Free compliant
ST25RU3993-QF_DK_R FERMI STMicroelectronics BOARD DEMO FERMI AS3993 Lead Free compliant
ST25RU3993-QF_DK_R FEMTO STMicroelectronics BOARD DEMO FEMTO AS3993 Lead Free compliant
ST25RU3980-QF_DK_ST STMicroelectronics DEMO KIT UHF RFID NEWTON Lead Free compliant
AS3910DB ams - Contains Lead compliant
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