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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
SB Laird Technologies - Antennas ACCY MOB SPRING B&C COIL BLACK Lead Free compliant
HS38 Laird Technologies - Antennas ACCY X-ACT HOLE SAW 3/8" Lead Free compliant
CS-PINOCCIO-06 Crowd Supply PINOCCIO BACKPACK HEADERS Contains Lead non-compliant
SMARTMESH-SHLD02#TRPBF Analog Devices, Inc. SMARTMESH RF SHIELD FOR ETERNA Lead Free non-compliant
CASMA-MMCX-1 Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. CABLE RF SMA-MMCX 6" Lead Free compliant
ACH0-CA-DP004 B+B SmartWorx, Inc. ADAPTER CABL RPSMA TO U.FL 100MM Contains Lead non-compliant
CS-PINOCCIO-07 Crowd Supply PINOCCIO LIPO BATTERY (550 MAH) Lead Free compliant
CS-PINOCCIO-08 Crowd Supply PINOCCIO USB CABLE Contains Lead non-compliant
ATM38 PCTEL, Inc. - Contains Lead compliant
24104-12 L3 Narda-MITEQ - Contains Lead compliant
Total 10 items
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