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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description Lead Free RoHS View
F39-L12-ST Omron Automation & Safety F39-L12-ST Lead Free compliant
F3UV-HT Omron Automation & Safety HEAD UNIT FOR UV POWER MONITOR Lead Free compliant
1851750000 Weidmuller SENSOR DISTRIBUTOR Lead Free compliant
QT-18L Carlo Gavazzi QUICK SNSR CHANGEOUT M18 Contains Lead non-compliant
ISOBLOCK C-4C (5V) Verivolt ISOLATOR VOLT QUAD 5V DIN MNT Lead Free compliant
Y92E-GS30NSS Omron Automation & Safety HOUSNG SPRNG MNT FOR M30 PROX Lead Free compliant
PMC-46TX Omron Automation & Safety CABLE ASSY 3-PIN F CHASSIS W/36" Contains Lead non-compliant
MS4800-IP67-0480 Omron Automation & Safety IP67 ENCLOSURE Contains Lead non-compliant
Y96E-44SD5 Omron Automation & Safety CONN CORD SET STRAIT 22AWG 12FT Lead Free compliant
HEDS-5120#K02 Broadcom Limited CODEWHEEL 2CH 96CPR 3MM Lead Free compliant
8PFA Omron Automation & Safety SOCKET TRACK MNT E4R OPTO Lead Free compliant
F03-15-10M Omron Automation & Safety ELECTRODE SENSOR CABLE 10M Lead Free compliant
FURC3-20/S90 Carlo Gavazzi REF 0.25MMX10 M3 FIBER 2M &90MM Contains Lead non-compliant
F03-01 SUS304 BINIL Omron Automation & Safety F03-01 SUS304 VUNYL TUBING Lead Free compliant
MIR-08SS-ESD Omron Automation & Safety MIRROR SS 8 INCH LOW ESD Contains Lead non-compliant
D01020020 Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions RESISTIVE & OPTICAL WASHERFLAT Lead Free compliant
MIRW-06SS Omron Automation & Safety MIRROR STAINLESS STEEL 6 INCH Contains Lead non-compliant
F03-05 5P Omron Automation & Safety ELECTRODE BAND 5P 1PC PER METER Lead Free compliant
5B41-03-NI Analog Devices, Inc. MODULE Lead Free compliant
MC-NA40-16H Panasonic PROTECT ENCLOSURE FOR NA40-16-H Lead Free compliant
E3X-DAH6 Omron Automation & Safety WIRE SAVING DIGTL NPN IR LED Lead Free compliant
E3C-JC4P Omron Automation & Safety AMPLIF TIMER NPN OUTPUT RAIL-MT Lead Free compliant
LFP0800-A5NMC SICK SEN LVL LFP CUBIC G 3/4 Contains Lead non-compliant
MIRW-36FG Omron Automation & Safety WIDE MIRROR FRONT SURFACE 36" Contains Lead non-compliant
E3X-DAB11-S 2M Omron Automation & Safety FIBER SENSOR Lead Free compliant
FX-11A Panasonic SENSOR ANALOG 1-5V 12-24VDC Lead Free compliant
E2C-AK4A Omron Automation & Safety AMP 90-264VAC FOR E2C PROX Lead Free compliant
ZX-LDA41 2M Omron Automation & Safety SMART SENSOR AMPLIFIER PNP OUT Lead Free compliant
E3C-A Omron Automation & Safety AMPLIF PHOTO 100-240V 50/60HZ Lead Free compliant
5B40-03-NI Analog Devices, Inc. MODULE Lead Free compliant
SV160230 Carlo Gavazzi LVL RLY CAP SPDT 230VAC Contains Lead non-compliant
E3X-DA6TW-S Omron Automation & Safety RED 2 OUTPUT NPN CONN PTUNE Lead Free compliant
SV150724 Carlo Gavazzi LVL RLY CAP SPDT 24VDC Contains Lead non-compliant
E3X-DAH41-S Omron Automation & Safety PREWIRD DIGTL PNP IR LED ANAOUT Lead Free compliant
S142BRNT924 Carlo Gavazzi PHOTO AMP 1CH NPN SPDT TIMER Contains Lead non-compliant
E3X-DAC6-S Omron Automation & Safety SENSOR DIGITAL FIBER NPN Lead Free compliant
LFP0900-B5NMC SICK SEN LVL LFP CUBIC 3/4 NPT Contains Lead non-compliant
E3X-DAB6-S Omron Automation & Safety BLUE LED NPN CONN PTUNE Lead Free compliant
LFP0700-B5NMC SICK SEN LVL LFP CUBIC 3/4 NPT Contains Lead non-compliant
S142ANNT924 Carlo Gavazzi PHOTO AMP 1 CH 2NPN Contains Lead non-compliant
EM-DR1-AD-15-TB-28V/V BEI Sensors ISOLATOR MODULE FOR ENCODER 15V Lead Free compliant
ZX2-LDA41 2M Omron Automation & Safety ZX2 CONTROLLER PNP Lead Free compliant
E3NX-FAH6 Omron Automation & Safety FIBER AMP 1CH STD NPN CONN Contains Lead non-compliant
E3X-NM41 Omron Automation & Safety QUAD AUTOTUNE PNP RMT TCH Lead Free compliant
S142BNNT924 Carlo Gavazzi PHOTO AMP 1 CH 2NPN TIMER Contains Lead non-compliant
SU-77 Panasonic NPN AUTO-TEACHING REMOTE AMP Lead Free compliant
060-6881-02 Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions AMPLIFIER FOR MV/V INPUT 10V OUT Lead Free compliant
FOA-M1500CB-ESC1C-AA011 Finisar Corporation SINGLE-CHANNEL, 1504.5-1517.5NM, Lead Free compliant
FX-101P-Z Panasonic SENSOR OPTIC PNP 12-24VDC Lead Free compliant
LFP2000-B4BMB SICK SEN FLUID RMT AMP SWTCH OUTPUT Contains Lead non-compliant
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